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Naturopathic medicines are extremely safe and effective, without nasty side effects.

As a qualified Naturopath I work in a way that looks for the underlying cause of your health issues and focuses on your own self healing using nutrition and natural therapies.


Naturopathy is a blend of centuries old knowledge combined with new research and science.


Naturopaths follow key principles:


  • The healing power of nature: your  body has an amazing ability to maintain and restore health. I help this healing process by removing obstacles to cure and identifying treatments to enhance healing.

  • Identify and treat the cause: I look for and treat the underlying causes of your illness rather than just the symptoms you have.

  • First do no harm: I use therapies that are gentle, non-invasive, effective, and do not have adverse side effects.

  • Doctor as teacher: The primary role of a Naturopath is educating, empowering, and motivating you to take responsibility for your own health.

  • Treat the whole person: I identify your specific weaknesses or dysfunctions and tailor a treatment plan specific to you. 

  • Prevention: I believe It is far easier and cheaper for you prevent a disease than to treat a disease.