Empowered Self Care 


Has Sisterhood been challenging or unfulfilling in the past? We’ll change that.


Do you have a deep desire to understand your health? Our curriculum will transform your understanding of your health and wellness as a woman.


Do you desire more out of life with deep meaningful connection, purposed and passion? You're in the right place. 


You may not getting the answers you need from Google or the rest of your health team. Maybe you've been told everything is ‘fine’. You deserve to understand your health better. You are the expert on your own experience.


You deserve to feel part of a sisterhood that will lift you up and support your health goals. We get why you choose gluten-free or are going for a walk in the rain. You don't need to feel alone in your health quest.


The daily cost for the duration of the program is cheaper than a cup of coffee.

Sisterhood and health transformation is what you get when you join the Wild Collective.


You are worth it


It takes time to create meaningful connections. The time you have with your collective of wild is an investment, that yields a worthy return on investment.


When you live empowered and connected you will be more productive with the time you have.


We need each other to thrive in our health and live a more meaningful life. We are wired for connection and we need an opportunity to transform this narrative. 

Having a strong sisterhood can change your life for the better. I  cannot wait for you to experience the magic of soul-nourishing connection so that you can lean in and transform not only your story but also your life.

You crave to understand your body better, you want to feel empowered and self advocate with health professionals, and you know deep down that you need a collective of women you have your back to succeed in your goals.

Wild Collective has supported so many women before you on the reclamation of their wild.

… we are on a soul driven mission to spread the magic like wildfire and help others like you.

Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.


I had devoured all the research and on an intellectual level it made sense. If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past.  Having been through situations of social rejection and bullying, sisterhood has been something I have avoided in the past. 


The Wild Collective has transformed this narrative for me, because we offer high vibration, meaningful connection. Sisterhood was what I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values. It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible. 


As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness or feeling their energy zapped at home or work was getting in the way of my women really achieving health. It is my experience that community is the answer.

You deserve a curriculum that empowers you about health and your physiology. The reclamation of your wild is through health information that connects your physiology to your intuition. You deserve access to a deeper understanding of integrative medicine, what tests provide you clarity in your health, evidence based natural solutions that support total health.


Health care offered in a one on one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 11 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community. 

And it’s a lot more fun ;)


It is now an honour to share this space with other strong women like Lisa and Afrousheh, who are also bearing witnesses of such beautiful transformations. We love when women stand in their light, gain clarity on purpose, take bold action in their life. I truly hope every person is lucky enough to witness and be a part of such humanity.

Sisterhood & Selfcare

Women’s health curriculum and a deeper knowing of the Divine Feminine

can be yours too, you just have to show up...Your collective awaits.






Wasting time…

We have met these women before, they go from doctor to doctor without much shift in their symptoms. 

In just 2 hours a month for the next ten months, you learn a foundational women’s health curriculum we wish every woman had access to, the basics to leave you empowered and able to articulate and advocate for your own health care needs.

… and a sisterhood that feels like soul food.


This is the combination that results in lasting transformation, you don’t have to do it alone, you were never meant to.

wasting resources…

This amount of time spent with a Naturopath, 20 hours to be exact, would normally cost you thousands, this information is curated by health professionals that believe you deserve better access to health care information.


You have lifetime access to the information, a community of other Rebel woman who are as passionate about health transformation like yourself.


And the daily cost is cheaper than a cup of coffee.


You are worth so much more, you’re worth the Venti with milk alternative add on. (but luckily it won’t cost you that much) ;) 

When women join The Wild Collective, they feel empowered, deeply connected to themselves, their intuition and to each other. They are brave, they lean in, trust their potential and advocate for superior healthcare.

They fill their cup so that they can care for those around them,

they are boundaried and more generous. 

I get it

You have been told everything is fine, despite feeling symptoms of feeling unwell and knowing there is something out of balance with your body.


You need clarity, The Wild Collective provides a health curriculum that teaches you about your physiology, educates you on the tests available to give you answers and educates on natural treatment options that you can talk to your health care provider about.

I want you to go further

You crave more meaning; you know that there is something powerful waiting within you to be unlocked.


You want to know yourself better, you want to understand, you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and serving your purpose.

Healthcare can be fun

And by golly, it’s fun.

We laugh and know the value of joyous connection. We promise to bring all of our best jokes.


You get all the health information you need, but we do also promise a good time.

The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life.

Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and intuition.


Find Your Collective, Reclaim Your Wild

The Wild Collective is a 5-month on-line women’s health curriculum with lectures, handouts, intentional goal setting and a supportive community of women who want you to succeed.



The Programme

  • ​10-month women’s health curriculum and community gatherings. One 2-hour class per month

  • Community growth in person and online through our private Facebook community

  • ​BONUS STRATEGY SESSION with your facilitator if you sign up before midnight on April 30th

  • ​​BONUS MINDSET BOOTCAMP program if you sign up before midnight on April 30th.

  • ​BONUS HORMONE WORKSHOP with Dr. Michelle Peris if you sign up before midnight on April 30th.

What You’ll Learn

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Your Detoxification

  • Learn the importance of a healthy detox system.

  • We look at what you need to detox from your life.