The Ultimate 14 day Cleanse

Start 2021 feeling Refreshed,

Renewed and Revitalised!

The summer holidays are a fabulous time of year but at the end

of them we can feel a little bloated and blocked up.

  • Maybe you have magically gained a couple of kilos – A few to many glasses  of chardonnay or all those cheese and crackers perhaps?

  • Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to get healthy (again).

  • Maybe you know what to do, you just need the motivation and accountability to do it!


Whatever your reason the Ultimate 14 day Cleanse is a great way to get 2021 underway, with wholesome healthy eating, mindful habits and cleansing exercise.

Why Cleanse?

Our bodies have their own amazing system of detoxification. Our liver, digestive tract, skin, lymph, and kidneys all work tirelessly to rid our bodies of harmful toxins. However modern times mean our bodies are bombarded with huge levels of toxicity and chemicals that we have never had to deal with before.


Even a newborn baby can have up to 200 chemicals in their cord blood.

Add to that the levels of sugar, alcohol, coffee, processed foods, additives and preservatives we eat plus daily ongoing stress and our sedentary lifestyle, and our bodies are under a level of pressure never seen before by man. (or woman!)

Signs that your own detoxification systems might be struggling can include:

  • Fatigue or low energy

  • ​Food Intolerances

  • Skin problems like eczema, acne or psoriasis

  • Weight gain and the inability to lose it

  • IBS, Constipation and irregular bowels

  • Low immunity

  • Headaches and joint pain

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Poor sleep

  • Low sex drive

  • Sugar cravings


We kick off on the 15 February

Doing a cleanse one or twice a year is a great way to take a load off your liver, rest your digestion, and tone up your kidneys. 

The Ultimate 14 Day Cleanse is NOT:

  • A weird detox.

  • A starvation diet.

  • Keto, Paleo, Vegan or any other specific way of eating​.

  • A diet focused on weight loss, created from an internet search by a skinny young beautiful person!

The Ultimate 14 Day Cleanse is:

  • 2 weeks of eliminating the bad stuff and increasing the good stuff.

  • A way of eating that is sustainable. You can keep eating this way forever if you choose to.

  • Daily exercise to help cleanse your body of toxins.

  • Guided meditations to calm your mind, increase your happy hormones and help you focus on your health.

  • A holistic cleanse designed by a Naturopath and based on science.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the cleanse. I though no coffee would be the major challenge for me but I had no headaches or withdrawal at all. I was also pleasantly surprised that I could go without meat without waking in the early hours of the morning without hunger pangs.  I was energised and felt great and am so pleased to have participated. A bonus was losing 4kgs. Thank you again.

Marion F.

Simply fresh whole foods designed to support

what your body does naturally. 

What does The Ultimate 14 Day Cleanse contain?

  • 2 weeks of nutritionally balanced recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.

  • A 20 plus page workbook with everything you need to know to follow the cleanse.

  • Daily emails with instructions, tips and tasks to keep you on track.

  • Your personal ‘Before and After’ Health Checklist so that you can see where you're starting and how far you’ve come.

  • Guided meditations to help you move forward more relaxed and focused.

  • Optional extra activities to AMP up your cleanse.

  • A private facebook page to ask questions and share your successes.

We start on  Friday 12 February with 3 days of preparation, start the cleanse on Monday 15th February and finish on Saturday 28th February.

Doing the Cleanse I thought I would be hungry, but it was the opposite. I never felt I needed to snack & the food, smoothies,  were tasty.

Jan B.

I would recommend anyone to do it. It was easy with tasty recipes included and I feel so much healthier and losing weight is a bonus.

Maureen P

For just $99 you can start your year off feeling renewed and focused, ready to tackle whatever comes your way in 2021.

Early Bird Registration (before 1st Feb) $79

After the 1st February the cost is $99

BYO Friend

Because it’s always more fun with a friend, bring one along for only an extra $25.

Give her a gift or split the total cost, up to you.

(Once you have registered you will receive a coupon code for your friend to use)

AMP up your cleanse with our 2 free bonuses.

Cleanse Day Wednesdays!

For the 2 Wednesdays of the cleanse you can join in on our cleanse days.


Give your digestion a real rest by drinking only fresh vegetables juices and smoothies for the day. All the recipes and instructions are included. (You will need a juicer and/or blender to join in, Beg, borrow or steal one if you need to).

This day can be a bit of a challenge for some, but it will add some real zing to your overall cleanse! The aim is to just do your best.

The Great Clutter Cleanse

Is there anything more energy zapping than clutter? Overfilled drawers, cupboards that come out to meet you when you open them and an office drowning in paper. Even the most organised of people have clutter somewhere, it has a mind of it's own and can grow like topsy!

The middle Saturday of the cleanse, the 21st Feb, will be the Great Clutter Cleanse, We will meet on the facebook page at 10am and post what we intend to declutter. It might be cleaning out some kitchen drawers or it might be taking on a big ‘clean out the garage’ declutter. We meet back at 11am to report and then head back out to carry on, meeting back at 12pm (and so on) We finish at 2pm. That’s 4 hours of de cluttering and energy clearing.

If you can’t make the whole day, no problem just join in for whatever time you can.

I recently finished the 14 day cleanse,   I found the meditation very relaxing. The daily emails were very interesting and encouraged and inspired me to stay motivated. My 4kg weight loss was a real bonus. Give it a go – It’s not as hard as you think.


Karen T, 59

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Medical Disclaimer

While the Wholefood Cleanse is not an extreme diet in any way, it is simply changing what you eat for healthy options and the risk of any reaction is minimal. However, if you have a diagnosed condition or take any prescribed medications it is advisable to check with your primary health provider if the cleanse is right for you.


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