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Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Wellness professionals who

are ready for collaboration over competition.

There is no denying that this last year or so has been a bit of a challenge for those in our profession.  Lockdowns and now mandates have meant many have either not been able to work at all or have had to change the way they work, some have had to walk away from jobs in pharmacy's or clinics.  Next year will not be any better as the craziness continues.

I feel like it is time for us all to work together more, to stick together and to help and support each other and our businesses as the way we work changes.


We know that people need us more than ever but ........


We may need to change the way we see people, we may need to upgrade our skills (like tech for eg) so we can work with more people, we may need to include new ways to earn income or we may need to learn how to get our message out there more clearly.

I have been part of a mastermind group for the last year and have got so much done!  It has been brilliant to swap ideas, ask questions and make myself do what I say I will do!  The group I was in are all Naturopaths in the US and Canada.  So I thought............why not do the same thing in NZ.


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The Passionate Practitioner is a FREE mastermind group for Naturopaths, Nutritionists and any other wellness professional who would like to join us..  A space where we can come together - on zoom - every fortnight for:

Accountabilty: Working alone or at home can make it easy to procrastinate and not get stuff done. Whatever you want to get done in the next 2 weeks, decide it, tell us and then report back the following fortnight. Write your newsletter, contact old clients, outline a programme, write a blog or a couple of facebook posts. What ever you want to do  - accountability makes you more likely to actually do it.

Ideas:  Got an idea perculating but not sure where to start?  Talking about it to others who get it can really help you flesh out your ideas and figure out what to do and how to go about it.  Need some ideas on what to post or write, how to get clients or how to set up a programme?  You will be amazed at what others can help you figure out.

Support:  Need some inspiration or motivation? Feeling like chucking the whole thing in?  When you have support from those who understand, it can get you through 'that' day.

Collaboration:  Working away in your own wee corner of the country can make it hard to make an impact.  By bringing our energy together we can find ways to expand our our reach and make natural health louder!  I believe competition was the old way collaboration is the new way forward for us. Who knows what a group of amazing 'wise women' can come up with!

Connection:  Being in touch with each other and making new connections is how we can support each other during the tough times as well having peeps to celebrate the wins with in the good times.

Confidence:  Being part of a group of other practitioners has given me more confidence.  We often think we are the only ones with challenges, but guess what, every practitioner has them, even the super successful ones.  Being in a group makes you realise you aren't alone and it's not just you. Plus others that have been there can help you work it out.

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The Passionate Practitioner is not a 'get together for a natter' group, we will be following a structure and a format to make sure you get inspired and motivated to get stuff done!

If you are keen to stay focused, motivated and to get stuff done in 2022, join the facebook group here, so I can stay in touch and share all the details for getting started.

I will also be asking some questions in the group around days and times as well as posting the zoom links etc.

We start in the last week of January.

It doesn't matter if you are full time, part time, have zero, one or 20 clients. It is about starting where you are at and moving forward, step by step.

If you know practitoners who might be keen be sure to share the link to this page or the group.



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