Get Clear, Get Visible, Get Financial

If you are a Naturopath or Nutritionist you know that sometimes it is just not the business you dreamed of. Getting enough clients in the door, charging enough to actually make a living, keeping clients motivated and on track with their treatment plans.  It can all be a bit exhausting and frustrating.

As a Naturopath I have made all the mistakes, spending hours creating awesome treatment plans for clients, which they only half do, undercharging for my services and giving discounts because I was worried people couldn’t afford me.  I also struggled as an introvert to put myself out in the world, especially on social media, which made it pretty hard for clients to even find me.

I knew I had to make some changes or get a real JOB! I started to learn about the practical aspects of a business, signed up for courses and programmes and learnt a lot.  But it wasn’t until I was able to clear the energy around what was holding me back that I was actually able to create a business with clarity, visibility and yes, financial abundance!


To have a successful business you need to know both the practical how to's plus clear the energy blocks and programming that stop you from truly creating what you want.

My biz modules will help you do both, get the practical steps in place while clearing the energy that stops you moving forward and having the business that you dream about.

Choose whatever modules you feel you need or work through them all with me over 90 days.

Get Clear

Without clarity on who you serve and how you serve them you are like a boat without a rudder, drifting aimlessly and trying to be all things to all people.

Having clarity gives you direction, makes your marketing clear and easy and means you can attract your ideal clients with ease.

Branding With Archetypes


Discover YOUR own Brand Archetype and stand out like a guiding light to your potential clients!

Archetypes are images, characteristics and qualities that are imprinted in our human psyche and are immediately understood by everyone because they are universal.

When you identify your own brand archetype, everything you do will talk directly to your potential clients, calling them into work with you.

Your Brand Archetype reflects your own uniqueness which means you are never ever in competition with anyone.

You can capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your marketing.


Discovering your unique brilliance will help you step into working with your clients with a new level of confidence.



Your Brand Archetype reflects your own unique youness!

3 hours $249


A Signature System creates clarity for both you and your client

3 hours $249

Create your Signature System

Even though every client is different we can still create our own signature system that they work through that has a beginning and an end.

This creates clarity for both you and your client

Your client knows exactly how they will be working through your plan, exactly how many appointments it will cover and when it will end.

You have the clarity of a full calendar of appointments into the future.

Cancellations will reduce as your client knows exactly what the appointment is for and what you will be covering.

You get paid on value not by the hour, increasing your income.

Your clients get better results as it is easier for them to stick with the plan

Packages & Programmes

Packaging up your services or creating programme is the perfect way to encourage clients to work with you and get better results. 


It is also a great way to maximise your time and expand your reach by working with groups of clients either in person or online.

A package or programme can shift us out of that time for dollars mindset as we can work with more people at one time in a group setting or even have them set up for clients to work through themselves.


We will work through the topic for your program, what to include, what to charge and how to deliver it.

programme 2.png

With a programme you can serve more people in a more economical way.

3 hours $249

Get Visible

I never thought much past becoming a Naturopath, when I qualified I realised I would have to actually make myself visible so my perfect clients could find me! Eek!  If you are an introvert like me, you will know how hard and overwhelming that can be.  However, you can overcome your fear of being visible and be out there attracting clients in your own calm and quiet way.

Finding your Niche

I can hear you....'I can't niche I need to help all the people'.  'It doesn't work to Niche as a naturopath/nutritionist because its all connected! If I niche in thyroid health I'm still working on gut health and adrenal health, I can't just do one thing.'

I used to think that to, BUT niching does not mean you can't help other people and it doesn't mean you can't work on the gut if you niche as the ultimate sleep practitioner.

What it does mean is that you are talking to just a few people who get it, not trying to get everyone's attention.  It means your potential clients will hear you, see you and trust you faster.

Niching makes your marketing easier and makes you visible above the noise.  It makes you the specialist in your clients condition and everyone loves to see a specialist instead of a GP.


Niching means you can be the lighthouse in your clients storm.

3 hours $249


If you were persecuted as a healer in a past life it can affect your desire to be visible in this life time.

1 hour $150

Exploring Past Lives

Ever wondered if you were a healer in a past life?


A witch burnt at the stake?

A Druid leader worshiping the gods?

A village wise women who cured the ill?

Chances are if you have a calling in this life to be a healer you have done it before. 


As a past life regression therapist I can take you back to explore what happened to you and if it is affecting your ability to step forward and be visible in this life time.


We can then clear that energy enabling you to step into the present with ease.

Clear the Fear

The messaging we receive from our families as we grow up can really affect how we put ourselves out in the world.  Not to show off, be to loud, to settle down, not talk to much, to not draw attention to ourselves and to be seen and not heard (aka ladylike!). 


Some of these messages have been passed down for many generations and make it really difficult for us to step out into the perceived limelight, draw attention to ourselves and to shout out 'I can help you'

If you are struggling to tell people what you do, get vocal on social media or say look at me, I'm the perfect practitioner for you, then lets clear the energy around that so you can be clear , confident and visible.

To find out more about energy clearing click here.


Fear of being seen keeps us from truly shining our light..

1 hour $150

Get Financial

I know, it's not about the money, you just want to help people.  I hear you. But if we don't earn enough to survive we can help no one.  So we need to eliminate the struggling practitioner mentality and step into what we are truly worth.

money tree.jpeg

Changing your beliefs around money will change your life.

2 x 1 hour $250

Money Mindset

Our beliefs around money can really hold us back. They are many and varied and once again we 'inherit' and receive these messages about money from our families. (Did you ever hear 'money doesn't grow on trees', when you were a kid?)  What we think about people who have money, what we believe we can charge, how we deal with our cash on a day to day basis is all based on our beliefs.

The good news money is just energy so we can clear our beliefs and programming around it allowing us to really begin to manifest the income we desire.

Money is one of my favourite subjects and changing my beliefs around it has literally been life changing.

We will find out what your beliefs are and how they are holding you back, then we will clear those suckers away replacing them with more empowering beliefs that serve you in a positive way.

Charge what you are worth

One of the biggest struggles I see in our industry is how to charge enough for the work that we do.  As you know It's not just about the consultation, it's the work we do afterwards, researching and putting together the plan for the client, and then supporting them in their journey.


If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently talk about your fees, you are not alone. It is one of the main reasons practitioners give up and get a JOB, they simply don't charge enough so don't make enough money.

I will help you step into the pricing that makes you feel like you have a real business .......

We will clear the money beliefs that hold you back from charging what you are worth and therefore earning what you desire.


You will only ever earn what you believe you are worth.

3 hours $249