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Regression is recalling memories stored in the subconscious or higher self (soul).


The subconscious records and files all of our soul memories. Our soul is the part of us, present through every incarnation in every realm.


Our bodies come and go – they are temporary - our soul is constant.

We incarnate on Earth to experience the human condition and senses, which do not exist when we are pure soul energy. Touch, taste, sight, sound and emotion.

For example, the soul may have incarnated this time to experience being confident,
therefore may have selected a life involving circumstances, relationships and situations,
which pose the challenge to stand up and be confident.

Understanding that we chose our life helps us to explore and identify what we learned from each experience. It teaches us to see ourselves as volunteers, willingly navigating life
to better understand ourselves and tolerate others.

Some residue memories can create issues in our lives. Examples of where this happens include:

  • Fear of drowning may surface because you drowned in a past incarnation.

  • Claustrophobia or anxiety may surface because of suffocation in another time.

  • Carrying weight could happen if you were starved or mistreated in a past life.

  • Struggling to speak in front of others could be a side effect of being ridiculed or persecuted for stating beliefs.


Regression helps to get to the source of feelings and fears. Recalling the event, which created a fear, phobia, physical, emotional or psychological symptom, can clear the symptoms, while emotional relief can come from understanding why why we chose our circumstances our current lifetime.

A goal of both hypnosis and meditation is to access the subconscious.


This is the part of your mind that lies beneath the everyday chaos of thoughts and feelings. Accessing our subconscious, can give us moments of intuition, wisdom and creativity.

The subconscious is not limited by the boundaries of logic, space or time. It remembers
everything, from any time period. It can even offer creative solutions to our problems.



The subconscious part of the mind accepts all information it receives as truth. It is not able to be  critical nor analytical.  Any past conditioning, experiences and beliefs - are all accepted as truth.

The subconscious mind is our spiritual side, it includes:

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Experience

  • Imagination

  • Acceptance

  • Soul memories

  • Intuitive senses

  • Innate knowing

Sheree is a naturally gifted healer and intuitive.  Working with Sheree was an amazing experience. She has the ability to help transform stagnant and low vibe energy into radiance and positivity. This comes from her extensive knowledge of both physical healing and metaphysical/spiritual healing.  I have loved working with Sheree in her past life reading sessions and I feel so grateful for being able to easily move on from this difficult situation I was stuck in for a long time.

Thanks for everything Sheree, you are so inspiring and such a star.


Past life recall is light hypnosis. When in this relaxed meditative state, you are not asleep, and cannot become 'stuck there'.

The conscious mind is aware of everything you are experiencing and you are in control of what you say and do.

You can come out of the state at any time just by opening your eyes.

Some clients describe the experience as very visual, like watching a movie, others either feel or sense the emotion of what is happening.  It depends on what your strongest senses are.


After a session you can remember the whole journey.

A 60 minute session is $150