How i can help

free wellness strategy call

the first step to working with me is to book a free wellness strategy call so we can chat about what is going on for you and what is the best direction for you to take.

change isn't easy, we all know that. We start with the best of intent and within a week or two we revert to what our brain and body feels is most comfortable for us. to to get results you need not only the knowledge and a plan but the support, motivation and inspiration  to keep going.

my programmes are designed to keep you on track until it becomes the norm for you.

the magic of menopause

The few years before we reach menopause can be a little daunting, we often don't know to much about it except that we might have hot flushes, not sleep, gain weight and cry alot! When it does arrive the symptoms can sneak up on us slowly or hit us with a hammer!

Symptoms can include ..........................

it's also a time when family dynamics can change as kids move out and we may need to reassess where we are heading in life. (all that free time, what are you going to do with it?)

The great news is while menopause is something we can't escape, there are things you can do to move into this next life stage with ease and grace instead of fluster and sweat!


over 6 weeks we will have a good look at where you are at now with your diet, lifestyle and health in general. together we come up with a plan and over the next 5 weeks i support you to get your symptoms under control and make the changes you need to make.

we can work together in person or by skype

before our first session you complete a food and lifestyle diary

out initial session is about 90 mins, the following 5 are 60 mins

any recommended supplements or tests are additional


struggling to lose weight?

have you had enough of losing weight with a new fancy diet just to put it all back on again (with a few extra kgs for luck!)?

did you last have a piece of chocolate cake in 1985, when someone remarked... “a moment on your lips..........”, and you vowed never again will you sucumb.

Are you tired of thinking about going on a diet, being on  a diet or planning your next diet all the time?

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder where the old you went, surely she is still in there somewhere?

Are you confused?.......high protein? The soup diet? The cabbage diet? Shakes? Maybe those new supplements Dr Oz talks about on TV?

Can't remember the last time you jumped out of bed full of energy and excitement for the day?


join me for a 6 week programme where you will learn:


  • What the 2 % of people who lose weight and keep it off do that the other 98% don't.

  • the 4 things you absolutely must be doing before you even think about what you are eating.

  • The five weight loss myths that will keep you stuck in weight gain mode for ever.

  • how to eat in a healthy, sustainable way.

  • Tools & strategies that will keep you in charge of you and help you eliminate confusion around dieting forever.