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Love your gut in 28 days!

A healthy digestive system is vital to not only breaking down our food but for our nutrient absorption, our immune system function, our hormone health, our blood sugar balance and our mental health. 

You may have heard the saying "You are what you eat" but that isn't actually true. You are what your digestive system can breakdown and absorb, so even if we eat a healthy diet, if our gut is compromised our health suffers.

At least 90% of women experience some gut dysfunction and even if you don't have obvious gut issues, imbalances in hormones and poor immune function can be signs your gut is not as healthy as it should be.

Join me for 4 weeks and explore what a healthy gut is, why it is important and what you can do to improve your gut health, eliminate symptoms and feel happier and healthier.

Digest well  is for you if:
  • You suffer from symptoms like IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, cramping or discomfort after meals.

  • You suffer from heavy periods, PMS or peri-menopausal symptoms.

  • You have been diagnosed  with PCOS or endometriosis.

  • You experience sugar and/or carb cravings.

  • You have poor thyroid function.

  • You struggle with feeling tired, exhausted, flat and fatigued.

  • You have a love/hate relationship with going to bed because you just can't sleep.

  • You are gaining weight and can't figure out why, plus it just won't budge.

  • You live with anxiety, depression or just plain old brain fog.

  • You experience joint pain or body aches..

  • You seem to catch every flu, bug or cold going around and/or take a long time to recover from illness.

  • You have food intolerances or some foods just don't 'agree' with you

The amount of research that has been done on the gut and its bacteria is incredible. What has been discovered in recent years is that gut health is not just about how we digest our food, it impacts our immune health our mental health and our hormone health.

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Digest Well is based on the Naturopathic belief that the body can heal itself. It sometimes just needs a bit of guidance and support.

Almost every woman I see in clinic has some level of gut dysfunction, it's not their fault, so much in todays modern world has a negative impact on our gut health and we just don't realise it.  You can however take control, make some changes and reclaim your digestive health. 


Your future self will definitely thank you as the healthier your gut the less risk there is of developing the diseases of old age such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers and alzheimers.

I used to work in a colonics clinic (if you aren't sure what a colonic is, think bowel, think tube, think water!).  Every day I saw women (and Men) who struggled with debilitating gut health, quite often coming to us was a last resort for them, they had tried what they thought was everything.  Yet, with guidance around what to actually do to support and reclaim their gut health their life was changed.  I lost count of the number of clients who said to me "why didn't I know this stuff?"  ........Now you can know this stuff!!

Here is what our 28 days together will look like

This may change a little as we work through it and I learn more about what you need.

Week 1: Digestion 101

You may not have thought much about how important your gut is but this week you will learn why a healthy functioning digestive system is so vital to every aspect of your health. You will learn what can create gut chaos and start to implement some changes with your diet.  You will be learning how to take the stress off your gut and how to fill it with the good stuff.

Week 2: Digestion and stress-whats the connection?

If you have ever been nervous about something and had to spend time in the toilet, you will know just how connected the brain and gut are. This week we will be looking at stress and what it does to the gut as well as how it affects our sleep, mind and mood.

Week 3: Bringing in the big guns

This week it is all about the big stuff, Leaky gut, dysbiosis, 'candida,' and SIBO. What are they? Do you have them and what can you do about it?  We will be looking at supportive gut supplements as well because sometimes you just need extra help to heal.

Week 4: Living in the real world

What happens when you are out there on your own? How do you keep up all your good new habits? Should you keep eliminating food? Do you need a more intensive gut healing plan? We will be looking at tools and strategies to keep you on the straight and narrow and how to get back on the path when things get wobbly.

Digest Well  Includes:

  • 28 days of emails and content for you to work through

  • Gut Health before & after questionaire so you can see the results of your efforts.

  • Worksheets and tools to guide and support you through the 4 weeks

  • Weekly coaching calls on Zoom

  • Recipes, meal plans and healthy snack Ideas

  • Face book community so we can all support and learn from each other

PLUS - to say thanks for jumping in to a new programme..

  • A personalised written review of your 3 day food journal, so you can see where the gaps are in your diet and how to improve it.

Because this is a new programme that I am putting together as we go (sort of) the cost is only $199. (2 part payment plan is also available)  PLUS you will get free access to the more 'polished version' next time around.

Got questions?  Email me at sheree@shereemorgan.co.nz