Testing is a great way to get additional information so we can really see in depth what is going on for you.  It can also be very helpful in finding the root cause for your symptoms.


blood tests

Most of us are familiar with blood tests, they can give us lots of information about your health. Cholesterol, iron, blood sugar, inflammation, thyroid function and much much more.  Your test numbers will fall within healthy range or outside of it.  As a Naturopath I always look closely at those results that your Doctor may say are normal but are almost out of range. I also use Optimal DX blood chemistry software to analyse the interactions between various tests, which can give us even more information about your health and where it is heading. Blood tests can be obtained through your Doctor, I can give you a referral letter to take with you.  I can also send you direct for tests but this does incur additional costs.  Every test has it's own price.

hair testing
dutch test