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I have realised after working with dozens of clients that those that stick with the plan, stay

focused and get the best results are those that commit to regular appointments. It's like having

a roadmap to follow, with an end point. You know where you are at and so do I.

So I have the following packages:

Lets Get Started: Everything you need to get your health journey on it's way. New clients always need to start here.

Lets Keep Going: Depending on what is going on for you, you might need more follow up appointments.

Lets Stay on Track: 10 weeks of shorter coaching calls to keep you on track.

Lets Get Back on Track: It's been more than 12 months since we worked together and you need to get yourself back on track.


Let's get started

The 'Let's get started' package is just that.......getting started!

It contains everything you need to get your health journey underway.


Initial Consultation

Once your appointment is booked you will receive an in depth online health questionnaire to complete, you will also receive a food and lifestyle diary to fill in that covers 3 days.

Your initial consultation takes 60-90 minutes, it is mostly about gathering as much information about you and your health that I need to get a really clear picture of what is going on for you.

At the end of the consult I will give you my initial thoughts and any strategies or recommendations that you can implement immediately.


We will also discuss if any additional testing is needed, such as blood work and book in your follow up appointments.

Wellness Plan

We then make a time to get together in the next few days, this gives me time to do any necessary research and to create your own health and wellness plan.


We go through it in detail so you have a good understanding on whats going on for you and so you have a clear direction.

​Follow Up

Working with a Naturopath usually means change which is why follow up appointments are really important. We need to monitor your progress, make any necessary changes to your plan or give you extra support and motivation and of course elebrate your successes,.


We make your first follow up appointment for 3 weeks out, then monthly for the next 2.

​​Email Support

Between appointments you can email me any time with any questions or for clarification on any part of your plan.

                              Your Let's Get started Package includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Analysis of your food diary and blood tests                                

  • Preparation of a detailed Wellness Plan

  • Wellness Plan appointment

  • 3 x Follow Up appointments

  • Email support between appointments

  • 2nd food and lifestyle analysis, (after 2nd follow up)

                                                Total Cost:  $550

                 (Any recommended testing, herbs or supplements are additional)

 Pay in full on booking or

$50 deposit on booking, 5 weekly payments of $100

Insured with Southern Cross Health Insurance?

You may be able to claim your Naturopathic consultations.

check your policy for details.

"I went to see Sheree about getting some guidance around what I could do to lose weight. It was fascinating to see what she covered. I love how she takes a holistic approach and looks at so many different angles. She gave me some great advice which I could easily understand and apply.


What I loved most of all though is her manner - she is an amazing listener and I felt really heard and seen. She made me feel really safe and I really value that, especially when talking about something personal like weight loss. She did some tests on me and could tell me that I was deficient in certain things straight away! It was incredible!

I so appreciate her approach, all the knowledge that she has and the written details she has provided me with on this journey, it's been invaluable.

If you are considering going to see her I would highly recommend her, her wisdom and her own health are a shining testament to how she can help you!"


Rebecca Davison

Intuitive Life Coach

I've struggled with digestion problems my whole life and its made a huge difference to get some help from Sheree.

She has a broad knowledge of nutrition, allergy and eating psychology and combines this with practical suggestions that motivated me to make some changes. 


Plus her testing pinpointed a nutritional deficiency that's proven to be major part of overall improvement for digestion and sleep.

Thanks for your help Sheree!  

Jackie Bellis

Postural Alighnment Specialist


Let's keep going

Depending on what is going on for you, 3 follow ups may not be enough. The Let's Keep Going package will give you another 3 follow up appointments so we can keep working together.

                        Your Let's Keep Going Package includes:

  • 3 additional follow up sessions (to be used within 6 months)

  • Analysis of additional food and lifestyle diary                          

  • Email support between appointments

                                                Total Cost:  $210

                 (Any recommended testing, herbs or supplements are additional)

 Pay in full on booking or

$50 deposit on booking, 2 weekly payments of $80.00


Lets stay on track

Let's face it making changes to diet and lifestyle can be hard, we easily give up and go back to our old habits. So if you know that you are someone who would work better with more regular contact to keep motivated and inspired, then the Lets Stay on Track package is a great option. 


Weekly 30 minute check in's that help you to, well....stay on track!  Over 10 weeks we will look at what's working for you and what isn't as well as adding in extra habits around things like mindful eating. 

                            Your Let's Stay on Track Package includes:

  • 10 x 30 minute weekly calls with a different topic each week                 


                                                Total Cost:  $350



 Pay in full on booking or

$50 deposit on booking, 3 weekly payments of $100


Let's get back on track

So it's been a while, you were doing great then sort of fell off the wagon.

Now it's time to get back on track.

If it has been more then 12 months since we last spoke, we need to go almost back to the beginning. A lot can change in 12 months! 

We will need an updated registration form-not quite as much detail this time and a new food and lifestyle diary, then we are good to go.

                        Your Let's Get Back on Track Package includes:

  • A 60 minute consultation

  • Analysis of your food diary and any new blood tests                               

  • An updated Wellness Plan

  • Wellness Plan appointment (if needed)


                                                   Total Cost:  $150

(Any recommended testing, herbs or supplements are additional)