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Well Balanced

A 12 week programme to balance your hormones and

restore your energy so you feel in control again.



Well Balanced takes you on a journey to health.

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If you are struggling, feeling exhausted, not sleeping, gaining weight, grumpy and on a hormonal roller coaster maybe it is time to do something about it.

You could google some suggestions, but there is so much conflicting information on the internet, it can be super confusing and Dr Google doesn't really know anything about you or your health.

You could pop into the local health shop or chemist to stock up on supplements. But how do you know you are are getting exactly what you need after just a couple of quick questions.  It is mostly just a guess.

You could just ride it out and hope things get better, the energy arrives, the weight disappears and the sleep returns.  You could....but chances are it won't.


Or you could find out exactly what is going on for you, you could have a plan designed specifically for you and you could have the help, inspiration and accountability you need to make change. 


If you would like to take control of your own health and wellness, discover what is actually going on for you and what steps you need to take, then you are in the right place.



Firstly we need to



Here we really dig deep to discover what is going on for you, with some in depth questions about your past and current health, a food diary and a 60-90 minute Initial consultation, I get to know as much about your health and wellness as I can.

If necessary we will also look at other testing such as blood tests to give us an even clearer picture.

I then take some time to put together a plan specific to you.

Our second appointment is where we go through your wellness plan and get you started on your journey.  We go through your plan in detail so you have a good understanding on what's going on for you. You will have a clear direction and actionable steps to take..

You have asked me more about my health in 1 hour than my Doctor has in 25 years!


Next we

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Knowledge is good but implementation is key, over the next few weeks we will work together to make sure you are actually taking the steps needed, overcome any challenges and celebrate your successes.



​​Check in for Challenges

Our first follow up appointment is about seeing what is working for you, what challenges you are having and to make sure you are feeling like 'you got this'!


Track and tweak

As the weeks go on it can be so easy to go back to old habits. This appointment is about inspiring you to stay on track.   We need to monitor your progress, make any necessary changes to your plan or give you any extra support and motivation you need.



Between appointments you can email me any time with any questions or for clarification on any part of your plan.

My secure messaging system means you can message me at anytime - at the supermarket? Not sure what brand of museli to buy? Message me on the App and I will let you know.

I am astonished at how fast I feel so well.

Tanya N

Finally we


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Our final week!  Here we celebrate your successes, assess where you are at and decide what you need to do to maintain the new you. (Yay!)  You may be ready to go it alone or you may feel you need more help.   

   Well Balanced includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Analysis of your food diary and blood tests                                

  • Preparation of a detailed Wellness Plan

  • Wellness Plan appointment

  • 3 x Follow Up appointments

  • Email and messaging support between appointments

  • 2nd food and lifestyle analysis, (after 2nd follow up)

                                                Total Cost:  $550

                 (Any recommended testing, herbs or supplements are additional)

 Pay in full on booking or

$50 deposit on booking, 5 weekly payments of $100


  • 5% discount off any practitioner products recommended in your Wellness Plan.

  • The Well Women Golden Rules programme-the simple steps you need to get started on your health journey.

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