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You may remember learning at school that everything is energy, it is just the speed of particle vibration that determines if we can see something or not.  You may also remember that energy can not be destroyed but it can be changed to a different vibration, a higher and lighter frequency.


Intuitive coaching works with the energy of emotion, helping to move and change energy that keeps us stuck in fear, inaction, grief, struggle, blame and guilt. It moves you to emotions of a higher vibration ....  love, joy, freedom, happiness, calm and peace.

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The Scale of Conciousness by David R Hawkins MD, PHD.

Intuitive Coaching can help anyone who is dealing with any type of challenge or just feels like there is more to life than what they are living now.  You may be struggling to move on from a circumstance or life event, wonder why you feel flat, stuck or unexcited or just know inside there is more for you. 


If you have an awareness that you have a soul, are open minded to new ways of healing and are ready to do the inner work it takes to create transformational change, Intuitive Coaching can be extremely powerful as you don't mentally have to work anything out.  It works beyond the mind. 

Working with an Intuition Coach is a little different as we are working with what cannot be seen, which can sometimes be a little hard to get your head around!  It is basically working with feelings and emotion. There is no such thing as a good feeling or a bad feeling. Feelings are communication from our soul , if we don't feel good it is a message that that something needs to change. When we feel feelings of happiness, joy and love we know we are in alignment with who we are and all is good.


Sheree has the gift to investigate and find out things that disturb or block us in this life. I have worked with myself all my life and she gave me the opportunity to understand why I do certain things without having any real reason for my behavior.  The understanding and knowledge released me, which made me now a more healed human being compared to before. Sheree also helped me understand why I had problems with a certain person in my life. Which gave me a new understanding of what we were processing.

With light and love
Gunilla from Sweden

If you are someone who prefers to live in the rational world of the mind, if you don't acknowledge the spirit or that you have the power to create your own reality, then Intuitive Coaching may not be for you. If you are happy with life as it is or don't really want to take responsibility for your own health and healing then another form of coaching may be better. 

If however, you are ready to do the work, take the action and make the change you can book a free call below to see if Intuitive Coaching is something you would be excited to do.

A free 20 minute chat will let you know if Intuitive Coaching is right for you.

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Learn to move from your rational mind into the world of intuition.

What’s the investment?

3 sessions over 3 weeks $450nzd

6 sessions over 6 weeks $900nzd

Payment plans and pay in full discounts available

So we can make sure Intuitive Coaching is right for you, book a free 20 minute call so we can chat.

I want to express my gratitude for the two sessions we had together last week,  the first one shifted a lot of past trauma and I have more clarity, it was almost instant,  which is a strange feeling,  but my vibe has been high ever since and I am fully excited about so many things I am working towards achieving. On the second session it took things to even higher level for me.  I feel a compassion for myself that I never knew existed,  our time was so precious to me and what you cleared energy wise plus what your intuition picked up was totally beautiful and I felt so moved.  I feel you have a gift and anyone who works with you will benefit from your coaching. 


Thank you for your kindness, warmth and genuine nature.  I appreciate your time and the gifts you gave me will sit with me always  .

Tania B, Christchurch, NZ